AirMed Pro
Professional Air Medical Services
AirMed Pro Co., Ltd. gathered the aviation services people to strive the best care each tailor made Executive flights for our Executive passengers. Gathering also the Medical Aviation people to manage with care each Medical flight by co-operating with the best operators to deliver the sophisticate and safe transport missions that adheres to the highest international aviation and operation standards.
We strategically based in Ranong, Krabi and Bangkok for effective services with a professional International Supporting Network to real-time updates during every mission. We also offer a Wing-to-Wing support for long-haul flights which would be a challenge using only one aircraft. Our one-stop service is always available, upon your contact via our email, Line and phone call.
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AirMed Pro Teams
Our Services
An ideal journey with comfort and luxury is always needed service excellence, therefore, is our prime mission to cater our customers with elegant, comfortable, rapid and top standard services.
AirMed Pro Service has formed a partnership with some hospitals in Thailand in order to provide a rapid and direct response to acute medical emergencies 24 hours a day, every day of the week.
Being as the third party for the hospital or Overseas Insurance or the patient's family.